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About the Revista Mexicana de Psicología


Bibliographic Information

Full Official Title: Revista Mexicana de Psicología
Meaning in English: Mexican Journal of Psychology (not official title)
Abbreviated Title: Rev. Mex. Psicol.
Initialism: RMP
ISSN: 0185-6073
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Foundation Date: 1984
Founding Editor: Dr. Juan Lafarga Corona
Current Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Laura Hernández-Guzmán
Publishers: Sociedad Mexicana de Psicología, A. C., and Colegio Mexicano de Profesionistas de la Psicología, A. C.
Frequency: Twice a year (January–June and July–December)
Volumes per Year: 1
Issues per Volumen: 2
Type: Scientific journal
Subject: Psychology
Languages: Spanish and English
Access: Diamond Open Access since 2016; formerly, subscription-only (1984–2014) and Gold Open Access (2014–2016)
Indexing: See the list of indexing services covering the journal.
Metrics: See the stats page.



The Revista Mexicana de Psicología is a medium for scientific and technological communication that disseminates among the scholar community worldwide from Mexico the psychological research produced in the Spanish-speaking countries. To that aim, the journal publishes in open access articles on quantitative original research, which are intended to be of international concern.

The Revista Mexicana de Psicología is characterized by the variety of domains it covers regarding theoretical perspectives, methodological approaches, and practice fields. It offers contributions to both explanatory systems and development of measurement instruments and intervention strategies. As well, the journal minds the articles to be of concern for a broad set of researchers, instead of exclusive for specialists in a topic, context, or country. Papers are published in either Spanish or English, with title and abstract in both languages.



Contents within papers published in the Revista Mexicana de Psicología show the authors’ opinions and do not constitute the official opinion of the journal, our invited reviewers, or our publishers, the Sociedad Mexicana de Psicología, A. C., and the Colegio Mexicano de Profesionistas de la Psicología, A. C. Such official opinion will be explicitly stated.


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